@ jogjakarta, indonesia

@ jogjakarta, indonesia

I'm a Senior Research Scientist in Human-Computer Interaction at Callaghan Innovation. Callaghan Innovation is New Zealand government's Crown Entity that provides research and technical services, and funding to local businesses, to help them grow. I'm part of the Assisted Devices team at Callaghan. We work towards providing technical solutions for assisted living in a variety of medical conditions.

My research interests include Human-Computer Interaction, Socially Intelligent Systems, and Language Technology, inspired by theories in Linguistics, Cognitive Science, and Psychology.  

I did my PhD in Natural Language Generation for Spoken Dialogue Systems on “Generating Politeness for Conversational Systems Aimed to Teach English as a Second Language” from the University of Sheffield, UK in 2009. I built a conversational system that generates dialogues with appropriate level of politeness according to the context. 

After my PhD, I moved to Singapore where I was a Scientist at the Computational Social Cognition group of IHPCA*STAR. In Singapore I worked on a variety of research projects. Related to politeness, is the notion of deception. I investigated verbal deception techniques people use for manipulating each other's beliefsI also designed tablet-based serious games for detecting early onset of Alzheimer's disease in the elderly population. In addition to these, I have researched and modeled the psychological process of how people form first impressionsI also contributed to studies aimed at better understanding human decision making.

In November 2014 I moved to NZ and here I'm currently working on projects that involve designing computer games to encourage collaborative behavior in autistic children and for stroke rehabilitation. 

You can read more about my projects, and publications.

I love exploring and understanding the world around me by traveling and reading more non-fiction than I ought to. Click here to see some photos from my travels.